Round II of group stages

Round two of group stage, held on Saturday 27th, brought along changes in venue due to the weather. Despite the chaos, the African Cup NSW committee worked tirelessly to ensure competing teams play as structured with minor changes in kick off time.

Cape Verde vs South Africa

Team Senegal vs Dr congo, South Sudan vs Guinea, Nigeria vs Sierra leone and Mali vs Sudan played their match at Seven hills. Whereas, team Egypt vs Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast vs Ghana, Liberia vs Tanzania and South Africa vs Cape Verde played their match at Wanderers FC.

The zeal to play from teams always outweighs minor disruption which was exhibited in round II of group stages.  Teams showed in and out with pride, surprise wins and losses. Some came with expectation that worked in their favour others could not keep up to the rhythm.

Team South Sudan, Dr Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Sierra leone are leading the tournament with no recorded losses. 

DR Congo won their match against Senegal 7-0, becoming the tournament’s highest scoring team with 14 goals in two matches. Sudan also laid out a remarkable set of skill with a win against Mali 4-1. Zimbabwe had a consistent run with a win of 3-1 against Egypt. South Sudan also had the upper hand against Guinea with a 4-1 win. 

Nigeria brought along a defensive game plan in their match against Sierra Leone, however, got defeated 2-1. Liberia returned with a remarkable win of 5-0 against Tanzania, after last week’s draw against Ghana

An enthusiastic return from Ivory Coast was cut short with a loss of 2-0 against the reigning and defending champions, Ghana. Cape Verde also displayed an exciting comeback with a 3-0 win against South Africa.

Group standing is more complex than expected. Today’s final group stage round will determine the positions of teams in the men’s competition. 

Morocco Women’s Team

The women’s and Under 14 tournaments also kicked off on 27th November.  Team Morocco’s debut was as exciting as their match won against the returning Dr congo squad. The defending women champions, Zimbabwe, also had a loud win again Ghana with a scoring of 3-1. South Sudan and Zimbabwe Jr went head-to-head, Zimbabwe Jr triumph won with a 6-0 win. 

The men’s final group stage will be on today, 1st December, starting from 7 and ending as late as 11 pm at Western Sydney wanderers Fc. 

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